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housedykes's Journal

Housedykes - Celebrating our homes, and families.
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Welcome one and all. This is a community for Housedykes. It is a place for us to discuss our homes, our lives, our kids, our wives, our pets, and whatever else we feel like talking about. Whether its exchanging tofu recipes, or figuring out how to avoid lesbian bed death, this is the place.

Who can join?
Obviously stay at home dykes qualify, but also if you are the homemaker then it doesn't matter if you also have to deal with work! Also, bi-sexual works to.

Basically, ask yourself "would I consider myself a housedyke? If the answer is yes, then you belong here. I also guess if you're striving to become a housedyke then that's great too!

Of course there are some rules. I ask that everyone follow these or immediate kicking out will occur.

Community Rules

1. No Porn.
2. No harrasment - Play nice!
3. Any images should be behind a cut!
4. Immaturity will not be accepted, either. I expect everybody here to act like adults, no matter what their age is. "Respect" is the keyword here.
5. Anything that is completely off topic will be deleted.
6. Contact moderator before even thinking about advertising another site, community or auction.
7. Unless someone can think of a really amazing reason as to why they should be allowed, I see no point in men being here. This is a community for women.
8. Any questions? Ask a mod.

I reserve the right to change, any of these rules as quickly as I change my mind :)