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In the real world I'm a high school teacher, which is more than a full time job, and my partner works at a university as a glorified secretary. We live in Chicago in a tiny apartment with three cats and a rabbit. There's always housework to be done, and we seem to do "crisis cleaning" over the weekends because our schedules really don't permit us to do work any other time. I've been trying Flylady's system, but I got stuck on the shiny sink. I'm good about keeping the clutter down, but everything else always seems to fall by the wayside.

At any rate, I'm hoping that the community starts to have more posts and more members soon!
Ugh... so far this week I've been very under the weather... some sorta summer flu or something :( Fever, aches, pains, snots... you get the picture. I haven't felt like doing anything! What makes it worse is that it always seems like this sorta thing happens when the house has already gotten into a state of chaos!

But, my wife has been being good... she went and got dinner for us last night... and has been taking care of me.

So, I guess my thoughts/questions are:

1. So what happens in your home when you get ill?

2. How does the family adjust?

3. What could be improved?
I have a crazy sweet tooth and I'm in the mood to bake (I've been working out A LOT so I can afford it).
What is your most spectacular recipe? I'm a little tired of cookies and brownies but will make an exception for something fabulous.
Please share!
Ok people, this thing is dyin' out here. A community only works if members participate.

So... so far no one's like any of the questions, or posts aparently.

How about....

Everyone give us 1 tip! Could be cleanin', money, kids, pets, cookin' whatever!
1. What would you say your biggest challenge in being a HouseDyke?
2. What is the greatest reward?
Thanks to fairouz for startin' us off!

Since no one else is willing to give an intro, I'll give mine.

My name is Crystal, I'm your friendly mod :) I live with my partner of 3.5 years Billie (aka elevationist and our 2 cats (Butters and Rosie). We live in the Savannah, GA area. Right now I'm a stay at home housedyke due to unemployment.

At first, I didn't like my position. I never in a million years thought that I'd be the one cleaning, taking care of the cats, cooking, etc. Well, the cooking I don't mind, I've always liked to cook. But I am NOT a good housekeeper. I've been trying the FlyLady system, and sometimes I do well, somedays I don't.

So, that's a little bit about me :)

I'll probably post a question of the day/week later today.
Ok, I'll start. I should preface this by saying that I am not a stay at home dyke although I would consider myself a "housedyke". I'm very interested in domestic and homemaking activities: cooking, cleaning, decorating, taking care of the animals, supporting my partner emotionally. I would be pleased as punch if I could stay at home but that's a financial impossibility at the moment.
Having said that, and hoping that's ok depending on the accepted definition of housedyke, here I am:
My name is Rebecca and I'm a 29 yo RN living on the eastern shore of MD. My partner and I just moved here from Baltimore in November, bought our first house and I've been busy trying to organize things and get it together while we renovate. It's been a challenge, to say the least. I'm currently working in an inpatient hospice but have a second interview/job share type thing on Tuesday at an outpatient dialysis clinic.
I love living here because we are very close to Ocean City, other resort beaches, and THE queer spot: Rehoboth Beach.
I sometimes dislike living here because people seem to have a different standard of courtesy that I'm used to. Or perhaps they are less educated. Most likely it's a combination of both -- so, after spending the first few months convinced that everyone on the shore is an obnoxious asshat, I've been trying to adopt a more positive attitude and think of it as a regional difference.
I've really been trying to focus on optimism and positivity lately. It's not natural to me but I'm working at it.
I have a wonderful partner who works in the food & beverage industry. We have three furbabies: Jessie, our epileptic springer spaniel, and two cats, Murray and Fleur.
My most recent passion is the bento (particularly my new usagi bento complete with chopsticks and rice mold!). I've been mildly obsessed with planning new and exciting food to take in my bento and tried a new recipe today for Vietnamese Spicy Noodle. It turned out better than I expected and was a nice complement to my tempura shrimp.
I think that's quite enough. I'd like it if we had a theme of the week, or a question of the day, or something that would encourage interaction on a regular basis. What does everyone else think?
Now that we have a handful of members, we can start the fun!

First, I want to hear your stories! Introduce yourself in a post. How long you've been a housedyke, why you became one, kids, where you live, etc. etc.

Second, I want ideas! What do you want to talk about here? I'm thinking until we get things rolling maybe a topic a week? Ideas for topics? Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • Running a household

  • tips!

  • cleaning

  • cooking

  • laundry

  • kids

  • pets

  • our role, and how we adjusted to it

  • What do the other PTA mom's think?

  • Our Hobbies

  • Work at home?

  • Icons?

And last but not least... bring a friend! Help us to make this community grow!
Thanks for finding us!

This is a community for Housedykes. It is a place for us to discuss our homes, our lives, our kids, our wives, our pets, and whatever else we feel like talking about. Whether its exchanging tofu recipes, or figuring out how to avoid lesbian bed death, this is the place.

I'll be doing some updates to the layout, finding sister communities, and pimpin' this place all over lj for the next few weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourself or start up a conversation!