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I've been watching study after study come out about chemicals in plastic food containers damaging health. We've finally gotten to the point were the evidence is just too compelling to ignore. Our goal is to get rid of all the plastic food storage for anything but dry goods storage (like flour and such.)

We often make big meals (soups, stews, curries) and freeze them to use later or take to work. Usually this is a major cooking fest that results in several full meals. I've been pricing the glass containers with the plastic lids that have started popping up in the marketplace but they are so expensive! I've found a good solution for the individual lunches. I use quart sized, wide mouth canning jars. If I leave a little space on top for the food to expand it freezes just fine. They were about $4.50 for a 4 pack and I bet I can find them for cheaper if I look harder. Now my problem is larger storage for full meals for at least 3 people. Any suggestions for alternatives to the expensive glass storage for this? Or if you know where I can get good deals on the glass storage items?
I don't worry too much about storing food in plastic so long as I don't re-heat in in the plastic container. Most of the studies say that the toxins are released when the containers are heated, so I just dump food onto plates or in bowls to warm it up.