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I've been thinking a lot about what my role as a homemaker should be until I get a job. As a housedyke, I intend to:
  • Make and keep a budget
  • Determine the cost of homemade goods (bread, pizza, etc) versus store bought.
  • Use as many natural ingredients as possible
  • Cook good, healthy food (we're both protein zombies).
  • Figure out how to waste as little as possible
  • Figure out how to compost in a small apartment
  • Create an herb garden
  • Fully clean one room every other day
  • Organize bills and important papers
  • Determine how to make crafting a profitable hobby instead of a costly one
  • Making gifts for cheaper than buying them

    Anyone with experience want to share more jobs to add to the list?
    Hi! I was so shocked to see a post on this community! I hope this will stimulate activity!

    I'm a part-time housequeer. I still work part-time until our 3rd member of the house finishes school this June. When I first started staying home I found my library card was my best friend. I still check out several books at a time about all kinds of things. Some of them can be used for the household like cooking, composting (I have a yard so I can't help with the apartment compost question), veggie gardening, canning and home repair. But, for my sanity, I found that at least one thing has to be just for me. Either a novel or something that has no practical application, like my books on self-publishing and zine culture. My hobby is my zines and I have yet to figure out how to break even with that let alone make a profit!

    Good luck on your goals!
    There's a great counter-top composting bucket you can get from Gaiam, http://www.gaiam.com/product/id/1006630.do?SID=WG092SPRTAPEMACS&gcid=S18376x088&keyword=composting%20bucket
    There are others out there, but this is a starting place...

    You might want to check out www.flylady.com if you haven't looked at it before. It's not a "dyke" site, but a lot of the ideas are good ones. I used it as a motivator for about two years before I got used to the routines and started doing things on my own.