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Is there anyone out there?

Here's a crazy question that I know all you eco-friendly cat lovers will ponder:

Can you train a cat (if you can start with a kitten, maybe...) to kill bugs? Collect dust bunnies?
our kill bugs... but only after playing with them...and only if they notice them.

not sure about the bunnies, but there are no insects in our house, not only do the cats eat them, the dogs fight them for them. LOL.
we DID have a frog in the house the other day though (no idea) i had to rescue it and throw it in the waterfall fountain out front
My cats chase bugs all the time. They're 2 years old, and ant pouncing is one of their favorite playtime activities. They also try to chase the lightning bugs that land on the window screens.
I don't know about the cats, but I'm heeere and alive anyway.